Our mission is to create a literate and nurturing environment in our school, which will help our children to develop the social and academic skills, to live happy, fulfilled, lives in the increasingly complex world of the 21st Century.

      We will foster an understanding and appreciation of the mosaic of our multicultural world community, while at the same time celebrating how people are similar, sharing basic beliefs and goals.

       Furthermore, we seek to promote traditional values, such as good citizenship, sharing, caring, honesty, friendship that will create an environment of mutual respect among students, parents, and staff.

    We will endeavor to extend the walls of our school to embrace the parental community so as to lend assistance in addressing their concerns in order to support them in meeting the social, emotional and academic needs of their children.

      Using a collaborative, school-based planning process, we commit ourselves to the task of providing a professional staff development program utilizing the educational resources necessary to enable our faculty to continue to grow as professionals,

to be lifelong learners, and to achieve the goals of our school mission.

     The cooperation of all members of the school community will ensure that a rich learning experience and educational excellence can be achieved for every student.