Young Audiences New York (YANY


Young Audiences New York (YANY) with PS 205X

Teaching Artists: Rachelle Street

Classroom Teachers: Sonia Mazza, Lauren Lamantia, Jamie Guglielmo

Grade 2

February – May 2009

Student Artists:

Francesca Mejia, Brandon Gonzalez, Mark Spencer,

Noe Zambrano, Selena Cipriano, Sheila Mohammed

Pastel on paper

We were chosen to participate in a Bright; Light Art Residency at the beginning of the year. Through the Bright Light program we created a 12 week residency that connected art with our social studies curriculum. Each art lesson was designed to enhance the students knowledge of Leonardo DaVinci, Art, and Italy. Leonardo DaVinci created many portraits and we thought it would be a great experience for the kids to create their own but of themselves. My favorite part of our residency/the project was seeing the students perspective of themselves and talking to them about their art, it allowed me to get to know my students on a different level. I was able to see their creativity and personalities shine through their self portraits.